8823 S Santa Fe Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73139

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Welcome to Hoppis Real Estate Services

The Home Buying/Renting Experience
"Looking for a house is like looking for a romantic partner, like going on a blind date. The questions are always hanging: Will this be the one?"

Hoppis Real Estate Services was established in 1999 by Sheila A Hoppis with one goal in mind... Providing a level of service that is lacking in the industry. Whether you’re buying or selling your first home, a replacement home or rental homes, Hoppis believes that you as the 'Principle' deserve to stay informed. We operate by one simple mission statement... 'SERVICE IS THE RENT WE PAY FOR BEING. IT IS THE PURPOSE OF LIFE AND NOT SOMETHING THAT SHOULD BE DONE IN OUR SPARE TIME.'

Level of Service...
The 'Hoppis Team' brings to their clients a level of service that should be expected and desired. One of our primary missions is to keep you informed and give you the necessary tools for you to make the most educational and profitable decision regarding your transaction. We pride ourselves on our dedication to serving you as our 'Principal'.

About Us
Established in 1999, Hoppis Real Estate Services has fast become one of Oklahoma/Cleveland County's most respected Real Estate Brokerages/Managers which now manages a diverse portfolio. Acting on behalf of both corporate and private clients based all over the United States, we offer a complete range of property services and solutions.

RESIDENTIAL / MULTIFAMILY SALES: Property investment has long had a steady and established record of both capital growth and income generation, which combined; outperform most alternative forms of investment. With house prices in Oklahoma and Cleveland County area forecasted to continue to increase, property can form the foundation of a solid investment portfolio, if planned carefully. IT REQUIRES the local knowledge and expert and expert advice that only a company like Hoppis Real Estate Services can provide.

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT: Long term management of property to lease requires a personal, as well as, professional approach, so those minor problems never become major headaches. Hence, Hoppis Real Estate Services will ensure every detail, however small, seeing to it that necessary measures are taken care of so that your asset continues to attract quality tenants and the rental income is maximized.

PROPERTY EVALUATIONS: With ARM’s rising and funds not being as liquid as investors had anticipated, making sure that your multifamily investments are operating at peak performance is very important. Hoppis Real Estate Services has developed an audit service to assist you in this very task. For a minimal fee, we will be your 3rd party unbiased eyes and ears. This will protect you and your investment from being misled on a properties performance.
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